Future-forward design through diverse perspectives and thoughtful collaboration.

Funsize is a digital experience design agency that envisions new ideas, evolves existing products and services, and executes industry-defining design.

Visionary Ideas


We help you uncover innovative opportunities, experiment with new ideas, and conceptualize the future. We'll materialize your vision of a world-class user experience through elegant interaction, visual, and motion design.

Transformative Thinking


We go beyond incremental product improvements. We'll level up your product by challenging assumptions, exploring different perspectives, and envisioning fresh approaches for the user experience.

Ongoing Refinement


We ensure your products and services remain both differentiated and competitive through iterative refinement, incorporation of new features, and adoption of technical advancements.

Our Recent Missions

Brand Design / Product Design

Partnering with the multi-billion dollar company Company one name redaction, to create a digital experience for their health monitoring ring.

Product Design / Art Direction / Design

Designing a new interface to elevate the indoor cycling experience for Company two name redaction.

Research / Product Design / Visual Design

Creating the next generation of in-car experiences with Company three name redaction.

Innovation Labs / Prototyping

Developing a first-of-its-kind touch bar concept for Company four name redaction's line of luxury computers.

Service Design / Concept Design

Envisioning a new end-to-end employee experience for Company five name redaction that includes both digital and physical user journeys.

Product Design / Visual Design

Designing the best threat detection and network monitoring user experience for Company six name redaction, one of the world's largest cybersecurity companies.

Brand Design / Design System

Conceiving and developing a new design language for the popular gaming brand, Company seven name redaction.

Product Design / User Research / Usability Studies

Extending Company eight name redaction's powerful writing tools to support sales, marketing, and educational spaces.

Design Language / UI Design

Working with Company nine name redactionto envision a design language that supports both enterprise and consumer products across their ecosystem of subsidiary companies.

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