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We're a digital service and product design agency that exists to help product companies achieve short and long-term success with a unique and collaborative agile process. There is no waterfall process, no bloated or fixed deliverables, unlimited revisions, and no end to the amazing work that we can do together.

We believe that

We can go further, together

Our project teams consist of an Experience Director, Project Manager, Design Lead, and a Support Designer at a consistent pace every week, every sprint, every month. This provides strong strategy, high quality work, and fun collaboration all at a fixed cost.



Once we decide to work together, it’s easy to get started. Before we hit the ground running, we’ll onboard you to the Funsize Family by introducing you to the project team, our process, and tools.



We’ll get together with all stakeholders and talk about engagement goals, challenges, roles, opportunities, collaboration, and plan our first sprint.


Conceptual Design

Explore conceptual and aesthetic design ranges and a vision for your product. Once we have the design locked in, we can begin iterating.



Our core playbook engagement style is a transparent “Continuous Design” approach where we discover, design, prototype, critique, and refine work in 2 week iterations. Each iteration, the Funsize team works closely our clients to plan, prioritize, describe, estimate and execute the work that is the highest priority.

Sprint Kick-Off

We don’t use project schedules but every two weeks, our teams meet to kick off a two-week design sprint by discussing the priorities, requirements, and goals.

Design Review

Each week, teams conduct internal reviews to critique work-in-progress with the core project team, our entire team, and formal reviews with our client partners.


We don’t do any development but we work very closely with our client’s engineers to make sure the design is implemented and comes to life at a high quality.

Sprint Planning

Our Project Managers and Design Leads organize priorities and add suggestions to a roadmap to ensure we’re addressing short and long-term goals.


Teams, like products, improve by regular evaluation and iteration. We’ll meet to address what’s working well, what needs improvement, and how we can improve.

Sound good?

Let’s work together

We know we’re not the best fit for everyone but if you have an awesome product and would like to discuss working together, we’d love to meet you. Please complete the project inquiry form and we’ll let you know if we think we’d be a good partner.

Let’s get started