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We created the agency

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Great design work requires hard work and hard work requires well-balanced people. We work hard during our four-day week and have as much fun as we can.

Every Friday, we spend working on deepening our skillset as a team. We take our jobs seriously but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it along the way.



  1. 01
    Strive for
    meaningful work.

    We aim to work with teams that deeply care about creating products that add meaning and value to peoples’ lives.

  2. 02
    is king.

    The best work is created when teams of individuals can work in a structure that supports learning, craftsmanship, and fun.

  3. 03
    People matter
    the most.

    People mean the most to us. We elevate each other by respecting, caring about, and trusting one another.

  4. 04
    We work hard.
    We play harder.

    Do the best work you can do. Support and help each other improve and at the end of the day, go live a balanced life

Meet the

Funsize Family

We’re makers, designers, artists, producers, perfectionists. We’re honest, hardworking, passionate, trustworthy. But what matters the most to us is that we’re family.



The Funsize GuestDesk program was created out of the desire to meet and get to know exciting new people. Once a month, we'll be selecting a guest to work with us in our downtown studio for a week.

While you're there, we’ll choose a day to take you out to lunch, we'll buy you a drink, and we can get to know each other. After your visit, we’ll write a post about you and your experience.

Let's Hang Out

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