This is Just the Beginning

Introductions. Anthony and Natalie give their background story.

35 Minutes

This is Just the Beginning

Anthony and Natalie give their background story and how they came to mobile design. Rick listens, laughs, and drinks.

Other information covered:

  • Funsize background story and introduction to the Podcast
  • Web design got boring and we needed a career change
  • Mobile design before the iPhone existed
  • Quitting your job and being a freelancer in the new mobile industry
  • Let’s follow our dream and start a husband and wife design business
  • Clients are smart and the traditional digital agency model is broken
  • Remember when? Designing web templates for Xanga and AsianAvenue.com
  • Natalie and Anthony met at an agency designing tampon and laxative work
  • How Natalie and Anthony started their careers in mobile product design
  • Just because you’re a talented web designer doesn’t mean you know anything about designing for mobile
  • Being flexible with your cost so you can master new skills
  • Native mobile product design “NMD” vs. responsive web design “RWD”
  • Watch out NYC and SF. Good talent lives where they want!
  • Agile methodology and building relationships with clients to ship product incrementally
  • Not every business needs an app, sometimes mobile web is the way to go
  • Working on products that better the quality of life
  • Teleportation (beaming), the future of the Foursquare check-in
  • Lastly, topics we hope to cover in the future

Our Show Notes

  1. 0:01


  2. 1:05

    A brief description of what this podcast will be about

  3. 1:40

    The background story of Funsize and why we're doing a podcast

  4. 9:58

    Designing for mobile before the iPhone

  5. 14:00

    There aren't that many mobile design podcasts out there

  6. 14:56

    Mobile vs. web design studios that currently exist; are they remaining profitable?

  7. 22:48

    An industry was born and how it hurt the web world

  8. 27:10

    The future of the Funsize podcast