Android L (feat. Brian Griffey)

with Brian Griffey

Brian Griffey, Android developer from HomeAway & Jim Jordan, designer at Funsize and Android enthusiast explain Android L and what they like about it to Rick.

33 Minutes

Android L (feat. Brian Griffey)

Material Design

  • Elevation
  • Animations
  • Adaptive Color Bar in chrome

Lock screen notifications

  • Compared to iOS notifications

Android Wear

  • Google Glass
  • Watches
  • Interactions with other devices and wearables
  • favorite features


  • Now's a good time to switch to Android if you've been thinking about making the switch to iOS.

Our Show Notes

  1. 0:01


  2. 1:52

    The name Android "L"

  3. 2:23

    What is material design?

  4. 10:36

    Jim talks "Holy Grail of Design": building a system for brands

  5. 12:50

    Android vs. iOS notifications

  6. 17:45

    Let's talk about Android Wear

  7. 31:14

    Is it the right time to switch to Android?

  8. Links

    Brian's TwitteR: @briangriffey