The Future of The Design Agency (feat. Greg Storey)

The design agency landscape is changing quickly and it's time to adapt.

44 Minutes

The Future of The Design Agency (feat. Greg Storey)

With many of today's industry leading studios closing up shop for one reason or another we are left with a lot of questions. Why are they closing? What does the future hold for design agencies? Funsize sits down with Greg Storey, former President and Partner at Happy Cog, to discuss.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 02:20 News of the design agency being dead
  • 04:00 The client is changing
  • 15:30 The big small shop, design agency sizes today
  • 20:40 Differentiate? Price, specialization, and great client experience
  • 26:20 Distributive team? Play Halo
  • 31:25 Teehan+Lax, what's an agency actually worth?
  • 38:54 Career ceilings at agencies


Our Show Notes

  1. 0:01


  2. 2:20

    The death of the design agency

  3. 4:00

    Clients are changing; Expectations are shifting

  4. 15:30

    Big and small shops; Design agency sizes today and their projected growths

  5. 20:40

    How do you differentiate? Price, specialization, and providing great client experiences

  6. 26:12

    Distributive (and cohesive) teams; Remote working before tools like Dropbox

  7. 31:25

    Teehan+Lax; What's the burn rate of an agency owner?

  8. 38:54

    What does this mean for salaries and what about the career ceilings at agencies?

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    San Francisco Design Agencies Feeling the Squeeze by Peter Merholz
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