What is a Product Designer?

We wear a lot of hats as product designers. What does that job title entail? Where did it come from?

41 Minutes

What is a Product Designer?

The Evolution of a Mobile Product Designer

  • Jobs pre-iPhone era
  • The product designer craze
  • Dribbble web to ui evolution

A Product Designer Today

  • It is a war finding good product designers
  • "Acqu-hire" a product designer
  • Finding your way into product design in the small start-up world
  • Mobile Product Designers translate business goals into interactive designs
  • A little about working in an agile environment. "Show early and often".
  • The Might "M.V.P.", iteration on actual user feedback
  • Agile products evolve with the times
  • UX design is interaction design, User Experience is the end product

Careers in Product Design

  • Type of jobs: What kind of design do you want to do? Native or responsive, in-house or client services?
  • What Funsize looks for in a Product Designer
  • Take risks and learn how fail the right way.

Our Show Notes

  1. 0:01


  2. 0:42

    What's a product designer? Where did this role come from?

  3. 4:10

    Pre-iPhone era jobs

  4. 5:01

    The skills of a product designer

  5. 6:02

    What happened when the iPhone came out?

  6. 7:07

    The app store realization, the spawn of more jobs, the war for talent, and mass acquisitions

  7. 11:45

    Wikipedia's definition of a "product designer"

  8. 12:08

    Being able to wear multiple hats and solve various problems

  9. 15:29

    Figuring out what your specialty is and a little bit about service design

  10. 19:29

    Going from web design to product design; translating business goals into delightful products

  11. 23:50

    Working in an agile environment; "show early and show often"

  12. 33:35

    UX is not a role, it's a byproduct of what you create

  13. 38:34

    What does Funsize look for in a product designer?