Death To Time Tracking

Funsize product designers examine time tracking alternatives.

48 Minutes

Death To Time Tracking

Updated show notes coming soon...

For now...

  • 00:00 Intro And News; iOS8 and Elle, plus Google Watch
  • 13:05 Why Do We Track Time?
  • 17:39 Why We Hate Time Tracking
  • 26:39 Alternatives to Time Tracking
  • 43:41 This Podcast Has A New Name


Our Show Notes

  1. 0:01

    Introductions and News: iOS8 and Elle, plus Google Watch

  2. 13:05

    Why do we track time?

  3. 17:39

    Why we hate time tracking

  4. 26:39

    Alternatives to time tracking

  5. 43:41

    Surprise! We reveal our new podcast name

  6. Links

    Google's New Design Docs
    Pivotal Tracker