Fresh Perspectives (feat. Dann Petty)

Dann Petty shares what's meaningful and inspirational to him, and some of his latest perspectives on work and life.

42 Minutes

Fresh Perspectives (feat. Dann Petty)

Dann​ is a full-time freelancer and is known around the world for his skill and encouraging personality. If you've seen HBO's Silicon Valley, Google, Airbnb, Uber, Medium, Boosted Boards and Luxe Valet; then there's a chance you've seen his work. He's also the Founder and organizer of the Epicurrence and Montues events, which are life experience inspirational and adventure oriented events for designers. They're EPIC.

Dann has been traveling around the United States interviewing designers for a movie he's making about freelance designers. Over the last couple of months, he's gained some new personal perspectives on work, life, balance, and the meaning of success.