Austin, Texas


HomeAway is a vacation rental marketplace with over one million listings in over 190 countries. Offering a wide variety of rentals ranging from condos, to castles, to farm houses, they’ll help you find your dream vacation home.

Project Mission

The HomeAway team needed an extra set of hands to help them bring their property management applications to life across iPhone, Android, and Mobile Web.

Our Role

We worked closely with the product manager to translate business goals into two new products using existing design language, but adding a Funsize twist.


Simple Workflows

The customers are important and so are those that are maintaining the property. HomeAway wanted to provide smart solutions for the property managers and their staff to help simplify their workflows

Real-time Updates

The HomeAway Property Manager iPhone and Android app helps the staff efficiently manage their responsibilities. On top of that, the management company gets a transparent, insightful overview of the status of their properties.