Austin, Texas


Pingboard is an employee directory for companies that are serious about their culture. It helps people learn about their coworkers and ensures that everyone always has important team information handy wherever they are.

Project Mission

Because Pingboard doesn’t have a design discipline they needed an external product design team to work closely and regularly with to continually meet the short and long term goals and evolve the product.

Our Role

We’ve worked with Pingboard for a year to design the core web and mobile applications, conceptualize and execute new product features and strategize and plan the design roadmap of this evolving product.

Lean and Fully

The Funsize and Pingboard teams meet as often as possible and chat daily to plan the priorities of work across all products, collaborate closely in defining and ideating new features. Both teams share the responsibility of contibuting to design from rough sketches to fully implemented design in code.

Directory to Culture Hub

Pingboard started as a web directory of employee information. Funsize started by translating the existing brand and elevating the aesthetic design language. We've since revised the design multiple times and have been working with the product owners to evolve the product.

Minimum Viable to Maximum Value

Once the product caught the attention of customers, we designed basic companion iOS and Android mobile applications. Later, we designed special experiences to address key business and employee needs and are working on increasing engagement and value.

Designing the Service

It's more than just a product, it's a service. In addition to product design, we've worked on all of the key touch points that a customer interacts with including the branding, marketing web site, and email communications to craft a cohesive, consistent customer experience.