Empathetic Project Management (feat. Rachel Gertz)

Building teams, assessing how projects are run.

50 Minutes

Empathetic Project Management (feat. Rachel Gertz)

Rachel Gertz, Partner, Systems Consultant & Trainer at Louder than ten discusses some philosophies around project management. And roles and disciplines as teams grow and projects evolve over time.

Discussion points

  • Emotional intelligence: empathy is taught.
  • Be a champion for your team, they are dealing with a lot
  • Should designers PM? Designers need to have empathy too
  • When building teams hire less for fit, and more for the ability to make decisions based on business goals.
  • PM's role needs to be unique because they need to be held accountable for project success/failure. Strategy focus
  • Creative has the load of creativity, is it fair to have the role of asking the hard questions like scope, goals, body language.